Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Beginnings of My Self-Marketing Scheme

Today, I thought I’d give an update on how the selling and marketing of “Itchy Mitchie” is going.

Let me begin by declaring my goal at this point. My initial goal is to sell enough copies to make the money back that I spent to create the book. (I had to buy supplies to create the illustrations and pay a graphic designer to format the book for createspace). So to break even, eventually I’ll probably have to sell somewhere between 100 – 300 copies. After that point, I’ll formulate a new goal. :)

So, how have sales been so far, you may ask?

The first month after the book was released was awesome. I have to say, I am SO grateful for all the WONDERFUL, amazing support from my friends and family!  I’m sure a lucky girl to know so many great people who have been SO supportive and kind. It’s also been so nice to get more feedback about the book, which I’m super grateful for as well! 

But of course, after the excitement of the initial release died down, so have the sales. So, now it’s time to break out the self-marketing plans! 

There are SO many different ways to market my book. The trick is, being able to narrow down the most effective way. And trickiest of all: finding the TIME to actually do it. 

So, this is how I started: 

  • Write down a list of all local bookstores within 10 miles. Include their Phone #.

  • Call each bookstore and ask if they accept books from local authors.

  • Make notes. For example: “store manager, Sally, will be in the shop Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-4, call back then”

  • Scratch out stores that don’t accept books, so you don’t waste time calling them back later once you’ve forgotten who you have and haven’t called.

  • If a book shop accepts books from local authors, bring a few copies of your book by. Be friendly and hopeful, and they’ll probably accept it.

  •  Be open about the book to your social cirlce. Share about it on social media. Your friends or family members just may know of an opportunity or have connections for you to get your book out in the public.

This is about as far as I’ve gotten up to this point. I have a WHOLE lot of other ideas for the future. But I’ll have to do what I can do with the limited time I have as a Mom of busy little boys - which is sometimes not a lot. But I’m Ok with that. (:

So. What has been the result so far?

I’ve had a few different people come to me with opportunities  to share my book in various public events. I’m really excited at the possibilities and once I’ve got them rolling, I’ll definitely share them.

I’m also SUPER excited to say that as of today, my book is in 2 different local books shops and one library. Eeeeeek!  Now, that may not seem like very much, but this is my start. And perhaps I shouldn’t be all too excited until books actually sell. But just to have them IN there, makes me feel pretty dang sentimental, ok! :D 

So…thus marks the beginning my self-marketing journey! I sure have a boatload to learn, but don’t worry, because when I figure it all out, I’ll be sure to share it here. :) 

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  1. Maybe call elementary schools to see if you can read the book at their library for story time? I have no idea! But good on you for promoting your book! You are your own #1 cheerleader!