Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Next Big Project...

Midst my piles of stories, songs, and ideas I've got stashed away, I've pulled out the next big project to work on and I'm super excited to share it with you!

It's a children's book I wrote for my boys just after they were born. I don't want to give out too many details about it just yet, but I'll give you a hint... It has to do with being a twin ;)

I've had the text critiqued, done some editing, sketched out all the illustrations, and now all I have to do is convert those sketches into hand-cut paper illustrations, and my next children's book will be ready to debut! Hooray!

My goal is to have it all done by the time my boys turn 2 1/2 (next April). And just to give you a little taste of what it will be like, here's the first page so far. (I say so far, because I may change a few things up before the final draft).

"There once was a husband and wife who dreamed of having children"...

Stay tuned for more coming soon! 


  1. I love it! This is so amazingly cute. Can I pre-order my book now!?

  2. How exciting! I still need to order my copy of itchy mitchie.....maybe as a Christmas gift at this point? Haha

    1. Haha, hey, better late than never! ;)