Monday, April 25, 2016

Good News for a Monday

Well, it's official. I'm no longer living in the DC area. I just recently moved to Smalltown, Wyoming. I've been here for 12 days so far, and doing my best to jump in feet first and get involved in the community. As such, I've got all signed up to sell my book at the local Farmer's Market next week. I'm also happy to say that I've got my book in two different bookstores around town.
To top it all off, I got yet another fabulous email this morning from one of the stores where I'll be selling Itchy Mitchie:

"Hello this is ____  with ______!! We love your book and would love to carry it in our store!! My four year old has had me read it to her over and over!! I would like to buy two copies for the store and then would also love to host you for a book signing and Storytime!!"

Well, you just can't beat that for a Monday can you!