Saturday, December 26, 2015

Another illustration completed, woohooo

Here's another sneak peak of my upcoming book about twins! Yes, it's a picture of a picture...but it's also illustration #4, which is DONE! This image in particular was a lot of fun to work on and it's very special to me♥. Slowly, but surely, this book is coming along! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

That time a TV Producer contacted me...

I finally feel like I can talk about this now that it's all said and done, so let me tell you the story of how a TV producer randomly contacted me one day...

A couple months ago, on October 1st, I received a message through my Youtube channel that said:

"Hi Debbie! My name is ______ I am a producer with the Dr. Oz show. I watched your nurse song video and loved it! I would love to talk to you about a segment that I am working on. Can you please call me at your earliest convenience?" She then left me with her number.


My first thought was that this was a scam. This was NOT real. So I googled her name and looked her up on twitter. Turns out she truly was a Dr. Oz producer who had previously worked on other major television productions. This was the real deal. Meanwhile, she also found me on twitter and sent me another message to contact her.


So unsure of what was happening I called the number she had left me in the first message. And this is what she told me.

The Dr. Oz show was doing a "Nurse Search" competition where they were searching the nation for a nurse to join their team of core experts. Apparently, they had received thousands of video entry submissions from nurses all over the country and so far, they hadn't found what they were looking for yet. So, they took to Youtube to see if they could discover any interesting nurses there.

Well, she told me on her first search of "funny nurses", she came upon my youtube video of a song I wrote in college and performed with my roommate like 7 years ago, and checked out my Youtube channel with my other songs. She told me she thought I would be a great candidate for the nurse search competition and that she wanted me to submit a video singing a song on my guitar about why I would be a great candidate for one of the core experts on the show.

Ok. Wow. ...Well hey! Why the heck not!?  So, long story short, I ended up writing a whole new little jingle about being a nurse and emailed it to her.

A couple days later, I got another call telling me I was going to be on the show that coming Tuesday!  They were going to pay my way up to New York City and my hotel room in Manhattan. They told me they were probably going to have me sing a whole new song that I would come up with on my guitar - that I would sing on NATIONAL TELEVISION as one of the nurse search candidates. AH!! Wait, What?!

Ok, breathe. Juuuuust breathe. My thoughts were this: Terrified, excited, and honestly perplexed as to how I got myself into this situation! I didn't ask for this and to be perfectly honest, I  probably never would have applied to nurse search on my own. But because I was ASKED to do it, I felt like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn't pass up! Why not just see what happens, and take things one step at a time? I said to myself.

So immediately I went to work on another song and came up with something for the show.

Well, spoiler alert! This is where the story gets pretty anti-climactic...

I got another call a few days before I was going to go in for the show. They apparently needed more time to prep for it.  I was told there wasn't enough turn around time from the last show.  So they said they would re-schedule me for a couple more weeks.

Well, sadly, that never happened! Of course I could never know exactly what went wrong, but in the end, other candidates and ultimately another nurse core expert was chosen. And that's the end of the story, haha.

 Now that it's all said and done, I have to say, I really am grateful for the experience, even with how it all turned out!  I learned and gained some good things, and like I said, it's not something I ever asked for or even wanted - it was just kind of an amazing opportunity that fell on my lap one day. Which is just crazy!

One thing I did find incredible that I wanted to pass on to you was that if you have your work out there in the universe, you just NEVER know who might see it.  So for all you who have a passion for your craft - if you are doing it anyway, you might as well get it out there!! Submit your writings to agents and publishers, Sell your artwork on Etsy or wherever you can, put your videos on Youtube (as long as they aren't embarrassing Ok (:), share your talents with others! Because who knows? You just might have a producer randomly contact you one day, and give you an opportunity you never would have had otherwise. :) 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Last Month's Happy Moments

It's been a while, so I thought I'd give an update of some happy creative moments from the last month!:

Happy Moment #1: I participated in a craft fair a few weeks ago, and was thrilled to find out that one of my sells was to a teacher of young kids who hated wearing shoes and complained of having itching feet! Bam! So nice to know that Itchy Mitchie is LITERALLY applicable to kids out there who are reading it!  I say that because I didn't write the book specifically for kids with itchy feet at all. It's about something much bigger than that, which brings me to my...

Happy moment #2: The other day, I happened to talk to a parent of kids who bought my book. He is a pediatric doctor and told me the reason he loves Itchy Mitchie is because it's applicable to the children he treats. He talked about how many kids will get headaches or stomachaches from worrying too much or focusing too much on pain or something else, and that the best method of treatment is many times distraction and focusing elsewhere. Some of the best feed back I've ever gotten on my book! THIS is the message of  Itchy Mitchie. That problems - WHATEVER they may be (physical or mental)- can worsen when we focus on them. If we distract ourselves by focusing and engaging in other, positive, productive things, our problems can lessen and even disappear. I know this from many personal experiences, but hearing it validated by a pediatric physician was like, Yes!

Happy moment #3: One of my lifelong passions has always been music and writing songs. I've written a lot of songs over the years. Some just vocal, others on the piano, and most on my guitar. (One of my on-going, never-ending projects is getting all my songs recorded into decent versions so I can remember them!). I haven't sung any of my songs in a live performance since I did something in college called "guitars unplugged" oh...6 or 7 years ago! But this last weekend, I had the opportunity to sing one of my originals at my church's Christmas party. And I have to say that I'm really grateful for the opportunity! The song was "Cold Outside". I wrote it when I lived in a very cold place called....Rexburg, Idaho! Brrrr! To hear it, go HERE. To listen to just a few of the other songs I've written, you can look here.

Happy moment #4: Ok, so of course we have Itchy Mitchie on our book shelf, but I don't usually suggest it and always allow my boys to choose books they want to read on their own. I actually love that they are too young to know their Mom wrote one of their books. It's kind of an experiment for me to see how much they like it or are interested in it on their own. So of course to see them picking it out to read makes my heart happy! :)

Happy moment #5:This week I completed illustration #3 for my upcoming book, due to come out next Spring! I'm almost done with #4, and this project is moving right along!

 I'd say it's been a pretty good month in creating! Until next time!

P.S. If you haven't bought you're copy of Itchy Mitchie yet, it makes a great Christmas present for children of all ages! ;)