Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Picture Book Mentorship!

Around a month ago, I saw a link on one of my Facebook writing groups for something called Writing with the stars. It was a mentorship program where hopeful writers would have the opportunity to apply for three different authors who they would like to mentor them. I was sooo excited to apply! What an amazing opportunity!

The process included telling a little bit about myself, writing why I was applying to my specific mentor, listing writing education completed, describing my writing strengths/weaknesses, and also submitting one of my unpublished picture book manuscripts. After submitting, I counted down the days until the winners would be announced. Well, that day was today! And lo and behold, this morning I found out that after 850 writers applied, I was among the 22 that were accepted! I am so full of gratitude and just can't wait to start working with my mentor, who is Paul Czajak, author of the adorable Monster and Me Series! His website is http://paulczajak.com/.  I so look forward to learning all I can, improving my craft, and as always, keep on writing!

Ps. I'm learning more and more that there are so many wonderful opportunities waiting out there if you just apply to them. I'm also noticing that I'm finding out about most of these opportunities through my online writing groups and my picture book twitter network. So, all you writers out there, stay connected! I try to post opportunites I've discovered on my twitter account, so find me at @debbiedayauthor. Join writing groups for your area, look out for contests - they are happening all the time! (In fact, I just found out about this one and I can't wait to submit). And then, APPLY. Just remember that you'll never get any further in your pursuits if you don't even try. So, go out on a limb and put yourself out there!

Stay tuned for more soon!

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