Friday, February 10, 2017

2017 Valentiny Contest! #1

Here's my first submission to the 2nd Annual Valentiny Contest hosted by Susanna Hill, found here: Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Warton Turtle’s Valentine
By Debbie Day

Warton Turtle woke up very excited. Today was a special day.
He looked out his window. Birds were dropping down chocolate filled balloons.
Beavers were delivering heart-shaped sugar cookies.
Salamanders were handing out sparkly pink cards.
“Someone could be here any moment!”
He quickly got dressed and waited through breakfast.
Then he waited in his rocking chair.
He waited through lunch.
Then he waited all afternoon.
Just before supper, he at last spotted a mail muskrat scuttling up the street.
Warton watched him drop off roses to Francis Frog, and a shiny package to Theodore Snake.
Then he skipped Gwendolen Groundhog’s hole to come scurrying straight up Warton’s walkway.
Warton leapt to the door.
“You must be Oliver Skunk!” said the muskrat holding out a big bouquet of chocolate sunflowers.
“Oh no!” said Warton, disappointed.  “Oliver lives next door.”
“Sorry for the mix-up!”
Warton slowly shut the door and thought for a moment.
Then he had an idea.
First he baked a batch of strawberry tarts. Next, he pulled out his colored paper and glitter glue.
When he was finished, Warton walked to Gwendolen Groundhog’s hole and knocked.
 Gwendolen opened the door in surprise. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” cried Warton, handing her the gifts. 
“Oh thank you Warton! I’ve been waiting for you all day!”


  1. Oh, I'm glad Warton made the move. Very cute!

  2. Now I want a strawberry tart. =) Good luck!

  3. I'm very glad Gwendolen was not forgotten. Nice story!

  4. This story is sweet, and well written. Good job! I like the subtle message of giving before you expect to receive.

  5. Love the animal names and the ending. A sweet one.

  6. Thanks so much for the sweet comments you guys!

  7. Wharton is such a thoughtful guy. Glad he made Gwendolyn's day!

  8. Strawberry tarts -- yum! Wonderful ending!

  9. Awe. How sweet. I love that he turned his disappointment into an opportunity to surprise someone else!

  10. This is a cute story - and sweet like strawberry tarts. yum.
    I wish you well with this.

  11. Great twist in the story. I like that Warton made up his mind to make Valentine's Day special for someone as opposed to waiting for someone to come to him. Sweet story Debbie. :)

  12. Oh I wish my mail would be delivered by muskrat! Very cute Valentiny Debbie!

  13. Such a lovely story. And some creative treats.

  14. What a sweet story, Debbie! How nice that Warton's disappointment at being passed over encouraged him to save Gwendolyn from the same fate! The true spirit of love and kindness on Valentines Day! Thanks so much for joining in the Valentiny fun!