Monday, April 10, 2017

My first official publication is here!

I was so excited to see this come in the mail today! What you are looking at in the picture above is the beginning of a life-long dream come true. This is the book that contains my very first "official" (non-self-published) publication!! I feel so honored and grateful to be one of the thirty-one people featured in this inspiring anthology!

My Story!
 Hey look at that, I'm on the back, woot woot!
The Book of hope is an anthology composed of everyday authors who have written their true stories of when they lost hope and found it again. In my story, I share about a unique and annoying three year long tooth fiasco which  had me constantly worried I would at any moment turn into gap-toothed pirate lady. Sound kinda random? Well, it really is, and it probably doesn't sound like a story that belongs in this book, but weaved into this dental dilemma is a pretty unbelievable miracle that gave me proof that God cares about even the smallest of problems we face.

If interested, you  can buy your copy on Amazon right here:

More soon!